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Our Featured Employee

Christopher Collins

     Christopher Collins has been employed with HHI-MAMC JBLM since April 2021. He was referred to HHI
by our community partner, VADIS. His job prior to HHI was with another government contractor, where
he received no natural support and had to endure different forms of harassment. Christopher is now
partnered with a Team Lead, Susan Pegee, and assigned to work in the Common Areas. It was apparent
that working on a campus as large as MAMC was intimidating and made him feel uncomfortable. Susan
states, “Christopher is a great helper, and he reports to work with a great attitude every day.”
Christopher has grown tremendously this past year. His social skills and confidence have soared. He
stated, “I have a sense of belonging here at HHI and everyone is nice to me”. Chris’s hard work was
recently recognized, and he was promoted from EVS 1 to EVS 2. He is now working a 40-hour work
week and received a generous wage increase. While Chris is proud of the recent promotion and wage increase, he is most proud of his ability to now work independently.

     Christopher recently celebrated his 30th Birthday and stated, “For once I feel accomplished”. He also
shared that during his recent birthday celebration, his mother gave a speech which brought him to tears.
She beamed, “[We] are so proud of the young man he has become, and he has a lot to be grateful for
including a good job that has allowed him to be more self-sufficient”. This was a personal goal of Christopher's, and as of January 2022, he has accomplished it. Christopher's father mentioned that he appreciates what we do for our associates, hearing of Christopher's experiences since he started working for Helpful Hands, Inc. He is thankful of the opportunity for Christopher to increase his work hours. HHI Inc. assisted in assuring that the bus schedule can accommodate the change for him. His dad stated that employers do not have to do that and appreciates how Helpful Hands, Inc., “goes the extra mile for their employees”.
Helpful Hands, Inc. is proud to employ such a hardworking, positive young-man.

Christopher has unlimited potential, and we are excited to see his progression within our organization.

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