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Honorable Mentions

  "The housekeeping staff go above and beyond in our department.  They are on top of all tasks as soon as they arise and complete them thoroughly and efficiently.  If there is ever a question on how or what needs to be completed, they never hesitate to ask for guidance and regularly communicate with our ED staff.  The housekeepers really constitute the foundation of our patient safety, and our work caring for the patient builds upon what they start in each part of the department. They are such an important part of our team, I can’t express enough how lucky we are to have them dedicated to of our department."

Lyssa Spurgeon, RN, MPH, BSN, CEN

Clinical Nurse Supervisor, Emergency Department

Madigan Army Medical Center

 "I have worked on this unit for 12 years. I want to thank you and your team for improving the condition of the floors in a highly impressive manner.  I remember when the floors were dirty and sticky even after mopping and being "cleaned". I thought they needed to be replaced, they looked so disgusting. I would cringe when sick children would play on the floor. But, in the last few years I have noticed a drastic improvement in the cleanliness of the floors.
The floors now shine beautifully, even at the nurses station which I thought was impossible. I feel happy and proud to work in a facility that shines so brightly and feels clean like a hospital should. I have seen you and your crew working extremely hard and diligently scrubbing until you get it right. Thank you. We appreciate you and your efforts.

I especially want to send appreciation to James. He works hard to keep our floors shiny and clean all the time. His job can be difficult on the night shift because patients don't want to be bothered with noisy machines when they are sleeping. He understands the fact that children go to bed early, so he sneaks in when he can and respectfully works his cleaning schedule around the needs of our patients on the floor. He goes the extra mile to make our floor look good. One night he cleaned room 477 so well it shined like a mirror. We could literally see the reflection of the beds and equipment in the room.

Thank you Carrie. Thank you James, for making MAMC a better place to work and provide care to our sick patients."


LeAnn Vance RN, BSN

"I just wanted to reach out to you to brag on another one of your employees, Jose Morales.


Jose is so hardworking, personable and energetic. I often get to see him on my way out or when I have to stay late in the evening. What he does to the floors is magical. The Madigan Annex has looooong hallways and continuous traffic all day. When Jose finishes sweeping, waxing, and buffing the floors, they reflect the lights and make the hallway even brighter. It looks like somebody spilled water all over the floor; that’s how spotless and shiny they are.


I imagine he won’t toot his own horn, but I just wanted to share my observation of the quality of his work. Jose is serious about doing his work well and it shows."

Chaplain (MAJ) Shane J. Henderson

Clinical Pastoral Education

Certified Educator Candidate


"Kyle, just wanted to send a note of thanks.

 I appreciate you working with my staff to cut through the scheduling issues and get our floor done.


It looks fantastic!

Thank you again I appreciate you and your staff’s hard work."

John Wayne Liston

Chief of Visual Information

Madigan Army Medical Center

Defense Health Agency

Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Tacoma, WA

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